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How to Improve Your Sex Life

A healthy relationship experiences healthy sex, then if you are happy in your relationship, you will find yourself in a better mood for sex. However, emotional barriers, boredom or poor body image are some of the things that can hinder you from enjoying good sex. Therefore the following are some of the tips that you can easily apply to improve your sex life and make it happier, hotter and enjoyable.

Adore Yourself Naked

adore yourself when nakedWomen who feel good about their body are said to have the best sex. They see themselves as sexy and strong. Unfortunately, a very high percentage of women have a negative attitude concerning their body image. Then, they take this terrible feeling into the bedroom, and this hinders them the opportunity to enjoy sex. However, you should remind yourself that, there is none like you. You should ask your partner to tell you what he or she loves about your body. Have some time to compliment yourself, on the favorite features that you have, and this will help you to enjoy yourself and appreciate who you are.

Guide your Partner on How to Turn You On

You should feel free to tell and show your partner what turns you on during sex. Hold your partner’s hand and guide him or her on how you want to be touched and the pressure to that you want him or her to use. However, this is one way you can understand and meet each other’s sexual desire and also making each other comfortable.

Change Your Routine

Try to change the usual thing that you do. Sometimes when you are stressed, it becomes hard to feel sexy. You should try to recharge your sexual batteries by taking a break from your hectic daily activities. For instance, you can play one of the CDs that remind you about your sweetest moments.

Leave Your House

You can go out for dinner together as you take a break from kids or work. Visit a place you have never been and order your favorite dish. You can also visit your partner at work, and this can make you see or learn something different about him or her and, help you to reconnect with the person that you fell in love with.


exerciseExercises help to boost your sex life. However, it stimulates the body, the brain, and the nervous system. Working out helps you to be more receptive to sex and also makes you feel more physiologically excited. Exercise improves your circulation, allowing your blood to flow in all parts of your body and strengthens the cardiovascular system. Also, it boosts your mood by minimizing stress and increasing self-esteem. However, to improve your sex life, you should practice consistent workouts for you to enjoy feeling good about yourself. Besides, this will put you in the more emotional state.

Stop Being Too Busy

Try to have ample time for each other to talk about your sex life, and then you will have sufficient time to implement various ways on how you can improve your sex life. However, increasing the time you spend together will create more time for sex.…