What is a Mandala?


Mandala - Sanskrit word meaning container for essense / energy, circle, totality, completion and / or primordial sound.

Mandala, is the 'space' where the inner and outer worlds meet, a 'place' that can hold and manifest the powerful energy of intention (creation). I use Mandala's as 're-mind-ers' to shift the vibration of the perceiver,to the 'right' frequency to attract a specific 'goal' or 'quality'. Learning to create your own Mandala's is very empowering,and essential practice for focusing your mind.

Remember Mandala's are powerful tools and should not be taken lightly or abused. If used with a reverence for life, respecting the free will of others, the Mandala will serve its maker very well.

Visual Mandala's are often circular or geometrical, although we need not be limited by that idea. The yellow smiley face icon is probably the most well known visual mandala in the western world - designed to reproduce the energy of a smile and as you can see it often generates a smile in the observer!

Smile Mandala

Remember to think carefully about any works of art you hang in your home, each contains the energy of the artist as well as the subject of the picture and can affect the energy of all those who see it regularly... that means you!

Sound Mandala's often take the form of chants, mantras, resolutions or pieces of music written to evoke the feeling of a theme; often achieved in film music, by gifted composers. They are used to accompany messages in advertising as a memorable 'sting'.

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How Do Mandala Work?

Mandala's work on a very subtle level, like homeopathy and to some extent they are similar to a talisman. Because of their subtleness, they are very powerful. As your awareness of energy and your ability to focus increases, it is possible to create Mandala's that can evoke very powerful results in all who perceive them. Mandala's can be developed for specific purposes, such as to promote love, peace, healing or even specific physical manifestations from a new pair of shoes to a whole new lifestyle. The most powerful and helpful use of a Mandala in my opinion, is one that you create yourself, to promote your personal values and qualities, such as 'self-worth', 'peace', 'time for love', 'joy' and 'possibility'. These are more valuable that material wealth because they can never be lost or stolen and can continue to attract these things into your life,

Both the sound and visual Mandala's energy will reflect strength, clarity and focused intention of its creator. Naturally the clearer and more focused you become, the more potent your Mandala's will be.

Types of Mandala's covered in workshops and/or individual sessions:

1.Self Enquiry




a. Objective

b. Subjective

5. Life Mandala's - are extraordinary projects to create over a period of time and are very empowering. They are embarked upon after a clearing, and some previous experience. They are prepared for with great love, care and attention.

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Meanwhile its always lovely to receive something useful free, here's one for you with luv from me!

Water - is the most amazing conductor of energy. I have a Mandala of 'Love' placed under a jug of drinking water, it tastes amazing! :) Words, colour and image, something for both brain hemispheres to react to ... double strength! Get creative and give it a try! Or you may download this image for your own use free just to get you started.

Love Mandala

I have produced a series of 13 Mandala's which are available on post cards here