June-Elleni Laine


Ongoing Metaphysical Art & Time travel development courses

3 terms a year

New Term  starts January

Wednesdays 5.00pm - 7.00pm One of the few metaphysical time travel & metaphysical art development classes available world-wide.

This ongoing course will uplift and guide you to use art to enhance your life. It offers development of psychic sensitivity and mediumistic abilities, as well as personal development and metaphysical time travel . We delve into the realms of Time Travel,Shamanism and Tantric Art as well as Creativity. This course will also cover optional platform medium-ship training and tutor training. Join with interview or through previous classes, be prepared to join a waiting list due to popularity of this course- Contact me direct for information by e-mail and to come along as a guest.

May  21st Mind Body Spirit Festival London - I'll beon The College Of Psychic Studies Stand on Friday- come and say Hi

9th June College Of Psychic Studies -
Angela Watkins joins June-Elleni Laine: An Evening of Soul Portraits and Clairvoyance

Angela Watkins joins June-Elleni Laine to bring you an evening of fun and spirit connection. Join them for a fascinating demonstration of mediumship, when these two gifted international mediums work together to connect with your departed loved ones. June-Elleni will draw soul portraits and together they will offer evidence and messages for loved ones in the audience. It promises to be a fascinating exploration of consciousness beyond the physical body. Whose faces will appear tonight? Come and find out, you may receive a portrait of a loved one in spirit to take home.

Angela is a medium and healer who teaches inspired speaking and mediumship.

June-Elleni is a metaphysician, soul artist and clairvoyant. www.psychicartworks.com
7pm - 8.30pm £10 (Non-Members £12)

7th August College Of Psychic Studies -

I will be offering a short presentation of Soul Portraits at the open evening. With Q&A and demonstration where the audience will have the opportunity to connect with loved ones in spirit and take drawings home afterwards.

September 3rd- 7th/10th Paros Greece annual retreat email for details

11th September- 15th Septmeber - Athens Greece workshops and sessions

please email Margarita for details. Here


18th September- 2 course begin at College Of Psychic Studies -

Friday 4.30 to 6.30pm Introduction  Exploring Spirit Art 6 weeks

Friday 7.00pm - 9.00pm Intermediate Further Exploration of Spirit Art 10 weeks


18th October - College Of Psychic Studies -
Day Workshop Psychic ART to Expand your Divine Creative Abilities

Join June-Elleni for a fun day of spiritual creativity using art, even if you think you can’t draw. You will be given the opportunity to expans your awreness and remove blocks as you embrace the idea that life doesn't happen to you. YOU are the reason why things happen to you; although subconsciously. Your right-brain already knows everything and when you learn to interpret it, you can become even more powerful.

Whether a beginner or seasoned psychic come along and expand your perspective using psychic art.


2nd November Athens  - individual sessions available over 3 days please email Margarita for details. Here


11th November Cyprus MBS Festival plus workshops and sessions please email Margarita for details. Here


7th - 16h December Istanbul email  for details At Radia Spiritual Center& Academy Of Childbirth


8th January College Of Psychic Studies - 8 week Course 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Exploring Spirit Art

Learn to use Metaphysical or Psychic Art to illustrate energy and information available to us through the subtle psychic senses, and no artistic ability is necessary. You will be offered techniques to help you interpret your intution and enhance spirit communication. Whether you are just starting out or already experienced with spirit communication you can beneft from this course. We will explore, colours of the Aura, Spirit Communication, Mandalas for manifesting goals, the basics of drawing soul portraits as well as discovering life enhancing information and guidance hidden all around us. Be prepared to explore the world of art and colour from a new perspective.


15th January  Start 2016 using Mandalas, Music and your Mind Heart Connection to enhance your Interpersonal Relationships & Create a better life  bookings here School of Intuition & Healing

As children we have an innate ability to be spiritual, with or without religion, but as we get older we separate our head knowledge from our heart wisdom. This separation challenges our ability to create what we think we need. How can we truly be honest about what we need whilst we are defending our head knowledge and Ego? How can we attract what we need when we are spiritually numb?
This workshop shows you how to open up to your authentic self so you can co-create with the Universe to manifest the reality you truly desire.
Using Mandalas and your Mind/Heart Connection learn how to:

Please bring paper and colours to draw with along with a note of your favourite song






Greek pyles TV A selection of Interviews and live audience demonstration of spirit portraits

X Zone Radio February 26th 7pm to 8pm Pacific time Interview with Rob McDonnell link to archive look for Feb. 26th 09

June-Elleni talks about her work with art and connection to spirit and the new book on Mandalas.


June-Elleni appeared in a Paranormal Documentary on CH4TV December 30th 2008 with Tony Robinson

Tony Robinson

ABC1 Adults Documentary & Factual

Tony Robinson and science journalist Becky McCall step into the unknown to investigate whether past paranormal events should be taken seriously or dumped into history's litter bin in this new three-part series. From the archaeological secrets of Glastonbury Abbey to the Bath housewives who claimed to be possessed by the spirits of a 13th Century religious sect, Robinson and McCall try to get to the bottom of classic mysteries with the help of historians, scientists and archaeologists. And, throughout the series, Tony tries out some psychic experiences himself including past-life regression, psychometry, seances and automatic writing. In programme one, Tony and Becky investigate the case of Helen Duncan, the World War II psychic who was one of the last people to be jailed under the Witchcraft Act of 1735. Uncannily accurate, her claims were taken so seriously that MI5 became involved. But was she really a threat to national security and were the ghosts of wartime servicemen telling her secrets she should never have known? Link for information or watch on you tube Here

Broadcasting March 2009 June-Elleni Interview with Phil Gardiner

Gardiners World Edge Media watch on line and on Sky Channel 200 link

Talking about Mandalas and promoting her book Mandala The Art Of Creating Future

LBC Radio 97.3FM- The Psychic Show LBC pod casts

June-Elleni talked to Becky and Chris about her book - and listeners call in with questions on Psychic Art ..available for download on pod cast ....look in archive 3rd June 2006

Do you believe in UFO's - June-Elleni tells Becky and Chris the story of a very strange experience - available for download on pod cast ....look in archive 1st & 2nd June 2007


The Danielle Lin Show is the quintessential gateway for personal transformation and healthy living.

As the pioneer of health talk radio for the Natural Product Industry, Danielle Lin has become one of the most recognized personalities on the air today! In this hour June-Elleni talks to Danielle about her book, The Art Of Being... Psychic. "This is a cutting edge conversation about where we are going, not where we've been. June-Elleni Laine is not only an artist, but was a successful business woman. The book that she has - The Art Of Being... Psychic - is such an interesting book, an intelligent book and its’ really about freeing the artist within you, whatever you want to create. Maybe you want to create money, recreate your body, maybe a relationship you've never been able to create. So its not just about drawing, its about drawing out your life…" - Danielle Lin ... listen on air in US and online worldwide, click on the archive 4/08/07

The Danielle Lin Show archive 4/8/07



Reported a National Survey that revealed 37% of the population believe in ghosts!

June-Elleni was given airtime on mainstream television news to explain to the nation why she was not surprised at this high number and also how she connects with spirit ... it was revealed that 50% of the nation is interested in finding out more about spirit connection...


Predictions Magazine - Jenny Smedley presents the advice of June-Elleni and 2 other mediums on how to cope with the loss of a loved one at Christmas time. Read part of article here